PsychoProt: Physical CHemistry Of Protein variability

A tool to fit amino acid variability data to physicochemical descriptors (know more...)


Help on the data format...

Here's a tool to build the data table from an alignment...

Paste below or Load from: Sample data sets:

Controls and Execution

Set parameters and click "Analyze"

Data includes:

k* values (= effective number of tolerated amino acids) (guessed if unavailable)

Additional column with numeric data to plot

Criteria for Fit Selection:

Filter by p-value < Rec. 0.01 - 0.05
Bonferroni correction Recommended

Filter also by Root Mean Square
Error and Pearson coefficient

|r| > For ex. 0.67082 (r2 > 0.45)
RMSE < For ex. 1

Test quadratic fits even if linear fits worked
Tested descriptors:

Test for... (in this order)
* Set 1: Physicochemical descriptors
* Set 2: Metabolic descriptors
* Set 3: Extended descriptors and combinations
* Set 4: Discrete descriptors

Replacement of best fitted descriptors
p-value to change fit: Rec. 0.01 - 0.05