Create amino acid variability matrix from alignment of protein sequences

This tool computes ΔΔG and k* from an alignment of protein sequences and compiles a table with all the data. Additionally, it adds a parameter that measures the involvement of each residue in contacts relevant for the protein's structure, if the couplings computed by EVFold or EVCouplings are provided.

Paste your alignment and optionally your coevolution data below and click Run.

Sample data sets:

EVFold (Marks and Sander groups) and Gremlin (Baker's group) can provide structure-consistent alignments. Other tools here

ALIGNMENT: Load from file:

(OPTIONAL) EVFOLD's PLM DATA: Load from file:

The output table contains one row for each residue in the
first sequence of the alignment. There are 24 columns:
residue name, residue number, 20 columns with DDG
values for all amino acids, k* value, and coevolution
involvement if EVCouplings data was provided.

Special section to filter original alignment

Filter alignment for up to 2 specific residues at specific columns.

Filter position for amino acid
Filter position for amino acid