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CASP 13 assessment of tertiary structure predictions for FM and FM/TBM evaluation units

This is on clusters at 3 A RMSD. For analysis of clusters at 1 A RMSD click here. And go here for analysis of full models clustered at 3 A

Definition and classification of evaluation units here

Resource: Web app for assessment of FM and FM/TBM models in CASP 13

Select a target:

In these plots correlating different metrics to GDTTS, each dot represents a set of models clustered at 3A RMSD. Click on dots to see a representative model in 3D and compare it to the target.

Table summarizing top models

Pymol script to compare filtered models to target

[Download script]

Run from PyMOL's File menu or by lanching PyMOL with:
pymol nameofscript.pml

Interactive 3D visualization of Target synchronized to model

Toggle color by residue index
or B-factor column

Interactive 3D visualization of Model synchronized to target

Toggle color by residue index / B-factor column

previous model -- next model in cluster

Extended Information

Other plots

Extended table of top clusters from the 5 core metrics